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Anonymous: So I followed you ages ago because I thought the things you posted were hilarious and I just found your munday selfie on my dash and oh my gosh you're an absolute cutie I can't deal-

Awww, anon thank you! I’m glad that you like my face as well as my blog <3 

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why do white people think having a confederate flag anywhere on your property screams anything other than “im a blatant racist and slavery was cool”

COME ON PEOPLE. Get a history lesson. As a matter of fact, I guess we shouldn’t hang up the Union (U.s.) Flag either sense it condoned slavery a whole 70 years before the confederate flag was even made. A whole 70 fucking years. As a matter of fact, the confederate slaves were even Free-ed earlier than Union slaves, and where paid the same amount as white soldiers. Even more, if you were a black laborer and worked in the Confederate barracks for ammunition rationing and gun repair, you got paid more that white soldiers. The Confederate Flag is not a flag for racism and discrimination, unless you want to call the present day flag the same. 

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